Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Fashion and Technology.

A strange concept to get your head around but one that should have been thought of sooner! Both with increasing demands and backrounds of high experience and expertise. As the world progresses, fashion and technology are becoming increasingly interlinked with e-commerce, bloggers and much more.

Numerous apps such as Trendabl, and online wardrobes have allowed shopping to get even easier and give our poor soles a rest. Scientifically, we are more prone to shop online before entering a store when looking for something in particular and so both world collided.

Friday, 27 June 2014


As previously mentioned I was lucky enough to witness some of the most creative talent in the fashion technology industry at FashTech's event on Wednesday June 18th. It was refreshing and inspiring at the same time. After seeing so many amazing ideas, I came across one that I truly connected with and that I feel will strongly push in the market, for theres nothing else like it!

Wonderluk are a 3D inspired jewellery company based in edgy Shoreditch that use 3D printing technology to produce some amazing staple pieces and even shores for us like-minded 'Wonder Women' of the world. 3D printing has transformed their relationship with fashion as it has with mine after seeing such amazing pieces.

I was so inspired that I bought the 'Web Ring' a dainty ring that is available in eleven colours with a turnover period of a week from sale date. I am absolutely in love with this ring as theres just nothing like it, its mesmorising!