Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Fashion and Technology.

A strange concept to get your head around but one that should have been thought of sooner! Both with increasing demands and backrounds of high experience and expertise. As the world progresses, fashion and technology are becoming increasingly interlinked with e-commerce, bloggers and much more.

Numerous apps such as Trendabl, and online wardrobes have allowed shopping to get even easier and give our poor soles a rest. Scientifically, we are more prone to shop online before entering a store when looking for something in particular and so both world collided.

It can be agreed that this is only the beginning and the potential for Fashion and Technology is nowhere near its full output. Numerous events have been popping up all over London this  year (known for technology increasing at a fast pace than Apple dominated state of California itself!) to in-cooperate the two.

Retail outlets and luxury brands can certainly benefit from the technology using it to gain a better source of their demographics and increase product placement on visual search engines. For example FindSimilar technology allows users to steal style by simply snapping a picture over a lusted item with numerous (and often cheaper) alternatives. Wearable technology is the second concept that has become a thing of the future, with BlingRings (flashing with mobile notifications) and 3D printed clothing and accessories.

For more information look out for numerous FashTech events, a non profit organization arranging meet up across cool venues in London with experts from both sides whilst supporting various start up companies.

What do you think? How are you seeing fashion technology evolve in your life?

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