Saturday, 12 April 2014

Aspirations of a PR girl

SO for my first post back I thought I would talk about what Ive been doing and what Im up to at the moment.

I've been having the best time at uni studying Management and Geography and made so many new friends. I cant believe how nice everyone is! In a nut shell, I love Leeds and all the wonderful people I have met but its made me think that I want bigger! I've been placed in a large melting pot with people from all over  the country (and some abroad) that have helped me develop myself as a person.

Its been a struggle trying to decide what career path is best suited to me and believe me I've been through them all, from course related to completely un course related.  I have never been particularly outstanding at something that has made me decide from an early age that thats what I would do for the rest of my life, so I ended up asking for help. Firstly, Ive been pushed into a geographical direction which is not my cup of tea in any way. I mean, yes I did geography but only because I like learning about different cities across the world. Also, who knows what they want to do when their choosing a degree!

I've also been pushed into a management business sector which has also not appealed to me as although possessing leadership qualities I am more of a team player. This lead to numerous career tests varying from teacher to hospitality manager... err no thanks.

My overall dream has been to travel and be involved in the fashion industry, participating in what is such a powerful media base that inspires so much talent. Yet, competing against fashion designers and fashion marketing students I realised this may be a little far fetched and went back to the drawing board.

The term 'follow your dreams' has always been one that quite frankly, ticks me off. I was one of those 'realists' that believed you got what you got. After experiencing just one week of uni, I found out I was so wrong and that you can achieve just about anything despite what background you have. This helped me to narrow my decision in the Media sector between Marketing and PR. Given my current set of skills and personable qualities, I believed that PR was better suited and did a little research.

After only supposed to be reading one article I stayed up till 3 in the morning scouring the internet for more and more experiences as a fashion PR girl. This was what I wanted to do and the only way to get it was through experience. Now I have channelled all my energy into this profession and I will not give up as it is like the job that was made for me (and before you say I want it for the glamour, you should think again!) I want to be in a team environment where everyday is different yet challenging. Who wants a desk job with the same routine everyday?!

I have now applied for so many internships and work schemes this summer to hopefully get my foot in the door for a sandwich year in 2016 and gain an insight into what it is actually like. Fingers crossed!!!! If anyone has any advice or tips that they would like to give me into the Fashion PR world or PR in general, they would be greatly appreciated!  

If anyone wants to learn more about Fashion PR, take a look at the blogs and links I have posted below and I hope you feel as good as I do when you have finally found something that you want to do for the rest of your life..... after a long 19 years.

Thanks for reading my first post back as a personal interests blogger and keep reading as there are many more to come.

The book with all you need to know ''Ready to Launch'' can be available on Amazon here for just over a tenner! (mine is on its way) 

Also watch the TV series 'Kell on Earth'  !

N.B: Please excuse cringey quote - but I believe it has relevance in this post 

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