Sunday, 22 June 2014



I am the worlds biggest festival lover. Unfortunately not making it to the ones abroad I can only write about the UK life.  Every year its always a couple of pages in magazines to fill their space with the same thing annually. Normally, a kimono, some printed wellies and some flowery headbands.

BOOOOOOORING. Come on people! We cant read the same thing every year. So I have condensed my very very long survival guide into three simple points.

1) DO - Take Wellies

Its ENGLAND (that is all).

I own three pairs of Hunters, a sample metallic white long booted pair with a bolted wrap around. For the sunnier days, I take it down a notch with a low cut studded pair, that look great with a white crochet dress. For the blistering hot, I still dont trust myself with no supporting shoes so I own a pair of low cut lace- up hunter trainers made in the wellie material. Always a statement piece and a great investment. After all - when else are you going to where them?!

as you can see the rookie error many of my friends made in the photo above

2) DO NOT - Take Expensive Sunglasses

Are you crazy?! Being on your best mates shoulders dancing to your favorite song by disclosure when the drop comes and they will be gone in a heartbeat, not speaking from experience or anything...

P.S. I personally share the opinion that festivals are magical places so embrace your inner bugged eyed John Lennon!

3) DO - Colour

A festival backpack should have no signs of darkness whatsoever. If it does, where do you think your going.. Colour should be added on every body part and piece of clothing visible in order to fully soak up the atmosphere. Not only will it make you more visually appealing but it will also make you happier. This is the only time I can admit that colour clashing IS okay.

Of course, there should always be one tie dye item, but everyone knows that right?

Equally, my boyfriend shares this fashionista passion and will be blogging his outfit posts from the most recent festival we attended together PARKLIFE in Manchester.

What do  you think are the most important festival survival tips? I want to know!

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