Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Label M Colour Spray

Dying hair has never been so hard when being a dark brunette. So, when I found out about these colour hairprays by Label M, I jumped at the chance. The pink has been out for nearly a year as a tester but now a mini 4 pack is available in Pink, Purple, Red and Blue.

I get so bored with my hair and I've tried many a colour hairspray before and they either don't work, (resulting in a mouldy-algae-chlorine looking colour) or stay in for a maximum of 3 minutes. Productive. These little cans of paint power are magic.

Luckily I had a 21st where the theme was formal with crazy hair (great theme!)  which was the ideal time to review the Label M product. I decided to use all four to get a good idea of what they were like on dark brown hair.

Here are some pictures of the finished product,

 I did use my iphone in this picture which is why the colours dont look as bright as in real life!

With all of them I was surprised how vibrant the colour was but with that comes the downsize of the horrible texture, my hair was the epitome straw and there was no chance of any restyling without the colour fading. What you see is what you get but what you feel is a different story.  However using all the colours allowed them to blend in with eachother, creating a rainbow like style, which I loved.

Shameless Selfie

As the night went on certain colours managed to stay on relatively well, such as the purple but the pink faded quickly. I would definately recommend this product with a price of £15 (for all four) with such vibrant colour. Its a shame about the texture but the whole point is that its a colour spray and not a haircare product!

To achieve this look I managed to use the last pump of every bottle.

I would ONLY wear this on the last day of a festival as its virtually impossible to get out without a shower and will leave your hair smelling and staining paint spots over your cute crochet bralet.
I also love wearing a colour on the tips of my hair for days when I get bored of my hair, (very often..)

So brunettes and blondes, if you want a bit of colour in your life without the commitment and haircare damage, this is the must-have product.

I'm now in the process of buying a regular-sized pink bottle and hoping for the other colours to come in larger cans too.

I'd love to know what you think about coloured hair and if you would use this great product my Label M.

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