Sunday, 7 July 2013


It  is no doubt that I LOVE House Music and it is only best in the summer when the sun is shining the re mixes are playing and the drinks are flowing. I love listening to it in a bar/club on holiday, by the pool and before bed - it is just so versatile!

I know most of you know about 8 tracks and they do some great playlists but whether this is your first time or second or your as a great a lover as I - check out LindsaysLicks - here!

And yes before you ask, it is my brother! However im not promoting him, he doesnt even know I posted this ! His most recent one is a dream, its great for motivation (even for all those hundreds of hours I spend in the gym...yehh.....)

Check it out and I'm sure a lot of my tracks of the week will still be there. I know you can see from my 'FAQ' that I like a lot of alternative music but come on now, its summer. I dont think I want to be feeling calm and mellow.. all I wanna do is rave and house is the way to go! 

Cheers guys!

Hope your enjoying the weather wherever you are in the world as much as I am (can NOT believe I got a tan in England!)

once again comments are appreciated and WELCOME. 

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