Saturday, 6 July 2013


This post is really about links between fashion and the planet. Everyone knows that the impact it has is huge and that we can really use anything to become more sustainable in a way of living. Personally, I feel lucky that my two passions are based around the Global World and the World of Fashion as the two combined can create something truly powerful and dominate societal way of thinking. Loads of my friends know Im one for my facts and figures so I thought I'd try and do less of that to not make it so long and boring and just describe my views and findings.  So here goes with the post... 

I'm really all for celebrity endorsed campaigns such as the Breast Cancer ones with the T shirts. However I think they could do more. They are hugely influential and what they wear on a day to day basis is viewed by TRILLIONS. Thus, their role is significant. Even if I hated fashion I would still say the same thing. Clothes are fundamental in making a statement and expressing and opinion right? So why won't we use them to make a statement thats worthwhile and makes a DIFFERENCE. 

Vivienne Westwood is a perfect example of someone bringing fashion and environment passion together to raise quality of life. A woman after my own heart in this area as she is deeply committed to the cause as you can see from this short interview in the metro - here.  She also teamed up after the Michael Kors campaign helping third world countries to further her sustainable challenge. Go Viv! 

Now I need to stop rambling because above all this brings my attention tooooooo ''MEAT FREE MONDAY'' campaign combining fashion and education together to raise and spread awareness and protect our planet. Just one small action can really make that much of a difference and despite stating this campaigns purpose 'stating the obvious' it really demonstrates the whole global community shared partnership etc etc.  Whats more is the t - shirts used to create this are designed and styled by Stella McCartney, originally targeted at young children for GapKids (v smart) - Mine is on its way with pics to follow! 


I recently read an article by a German photographer named 'Christoph Schaller' who is the creator of '' and I came across one of his articles concerning our actions directly related with problems with which we are not faced called 'buy less think more'. On face value this was an intelligent link between photos, actions and problems but moreover I think he really 'hit the nail on the head' (cringe) with this piece. Please have a read (by clicking HERE) and I hope you feel the same way. The report gives us an inside and outside look on fashion industries and their profit margins which I found highly interesting.  
Its always a challenge to combine two things together to make a difference but Its always fulfilling when I see articles like these (being a budding geographer myself) of people who also share the same vision that everyone wants. 

Watch for this space! More fashion&environment linked posts to follow! 

On a lighter note, please also look at his fashion outfits, I am a great fan of his on lookbook (HERE) and his outfits are always pristine.

Sorry if it was long/short for your liking or too hard/little spoken, for me this was just a short posts outlining my basic basic basic points  ( cant please everyone babe) 

Enjoy your weekend and the weather! 
In the U.K South East it is soooo warm and I will be getting my tan on all weekend! 

Once again, comments are welcome and very much appreciated! 

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