Sunday, 14 July 2013

Topshop Addict

I know everyone reading this loves Topshop. Even though its one of the biggest chains I find that every single item of clothing is amazing and individual, the other day I was in Westfield and I went a bit overboard...(understatement). Im really loving loads of ''tea dresses'' they are doing right now, kind of 50's-esque. 

Not ''tee - dresses'' like t shirt but tea as in frilly cute pinafore shaped dresses. They are very cute and stylish and not to mention great for any occasion. The one Im wearing below is made of a beautiful lace in a really flattering shape that really enhances your figure. My favourite thing about it though is the colour! In Acid Green it adds a modern twist and you can really manipulate this outfit to however you want. I know this outfit has been featured on lookbook before but I wore it yesterday with cat eye sunglasses and black suede slipper shoes. Its so cute and effortless!!! 

Also comes in a playsuit version so have a look and enjoy the photos! 

Styling... Topshop Head to toe! Please continue to remember my blog as Im away , as Ive said, many more photos and outfits are to be posted when Im back! 

 photo ed76ce97-85d7-4c2a-9aea-2266debe0344_zpse018c9f7.jpg  photo 92973b3a-1377-43ed-b1db-e9102c7760e7_zpsc7dd6eb6.jpg  photo 9ea78385-1403-4874-9a18-2438a9dee895_zpsd703f8ce.jpg