Saturday, 31 August 2013

Winter is Coming...

I know it wouldn't seem it, especially with this gorgeous weather we have but winter is coming which means PREPARATION. PREPARATION. PREPARATION!!!

The first on everyones to do list should be...


This is how far my checklist extends as I cant seem to find one anywhere. Every year it happens and I always settle for something below decent. So this year I am determined not to blow all my money on something I half like but something that will actually keep me warm AND not look like another of my mums dog walking coats...( i think the word she uses is... practical)....

So I've listed 6 different styles below whether its macs, boyfriends, peas, bikers - They are all great  bang on fashion point for the season...

I'm quite busy at the moment so will try to get as many outfit posts as I can in but in the meantime ill be doing some more winter- y hauls! Look out for it tomorrow!

1.                              2.


1)  River Island 3 in 1 - £100- If you cant decide what to get then this is a perfect coat! It has everything of a parka and a biker leather jacket topped off with faux fur. It looks stylish without looking too puffed off and has a good fit. This coat has only been available for a couple of months and it has already sold out most sizes! For me, I know it will keep me warm and is available in three different colours. However my criticism would be that it can fall into the jacket category. - 6.5/10

2) Miss Selfridge - Leather Look Bodice Mac - £75 - Trench coats and macs are alaways stylish and in season but if you want to create a more edgy look then buy this leather look mac. The price is reasonable for any mac and it will certainly keep you warm with its leather details. I love how you can dress down/up macs but with this one in particular it will be less of a challenge. 8/10

3) Burberry - Metal Plate Rubber Carban - £1,495 - I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS COAT. Everything about it is so right .....minus the price! Its so stylish with its own modern twist. Any pattern worn underneath can be shown through and ahhh it just amazing. Yet im not sure about the warmth of this coat haha but I will still give it a high 9/10.

4) Topshop - Soft Furry Bomber - £94 - I am sceptical about this coat as It looks so comfortable and warm, very snug indeed. I love the colour as its vibrant and red is always key for winter (aswell as the 2013 oxblood trend) and it even has its own boyfriend cut! I've been wanting to buy it for myself for so long but I have no idea whats stopping me. Perhaps ill take the plunge tonight and update you....if anyones interested! This coat also comes in a sky blue colour and the price surely must reflect the quality of material as its quite steep!. 8/10

5) Asos - Glamorous Car Coat in Monochrome Zig Zag Print - £75 - This coat caught my eye not by its pattern but  by its style and cut. I really like how its bunched up at the bottom to create a bubble feel. Its pattern resembles the dog tooth trend that gives a antique look of glamorous fashion icons.  The price is right and so ill give it a 7./10

So theres just five coat I like and Ill keep you updated on which I will be purchasing myself. But as you can see there are no perfect 10's.....

Hope you enjoyed this post..Constructive crtisism is appreciated and LOVE LOVE your support!

much love
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